Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the road referendum on the ballot this year?
In 2007 the first roads referendum was passed with the promise that every five years it would “sunset” allowing voters to assess the use of the revenues generated from the sales tax. Voters have supported the continuation of the sales tax twice since the initial passage in 2007.
If the referendum passes will the sales tax rate go up?
No. The referendum keeps the rate the same so that our roads and infrastructure can continue to be repaired and replaced.
If the referendum does not pass how will that affect our roads and infrastructure?
Since the sales tax is the primary source of funding for roads and infrastructure a loss would have a devastating impact on the city’s ability to stay on top of road improvements.
Before the sales tax how did Rockford pay for roads and infrastructure?
Prior to passage of the sales tax referendum the city would raise property taxes, take out bonds, and pay interest on the debt.
Who pays the sales tax?
It is estimated that nearly a third or more of the revenue generated from the road referendum comes from people outside of Rockford.
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